Good Eatin/Barnstormer

Barnstormer® Granola Flavors


Every great adventure starts somewhere.  We call this base camp, port, or HQ.  Barnstormer® Granola is no different.

Our base starts with high-quality gluten-free rolled oats.  Then we mix in subtly sweet, shredded coconut, vanilla and real cinnamon.  Finally we add only the best 100% pure maple syrup to sweeten things up and create the delicious granola clusters everyone loves.

We think you’ll love our all-natural granola!  It’s delicious, gluten-free and packed with energy. Enough energy to get you through any adventure!


Nuts for Chocolate GranolaDark Chocolate.  Almonds.  Need we say more?  Pairing chocolate and almonds has been a classic combination for who-knows-how-long?

Absolutely loaded with nutrients, first we toast our almonds, then mix with anti-oxidant rich, dark chocolate to make “Nuts for Chocolate” a Barnstormer® fan favorite.  It’s also Audrey’s personal favorite and sure to be a classic!

Enjoy it for breakfast, dessert or any meal in between!



Crazy Cranberry Pecan GranolaWhat makes Barnstormer’s Crazy Cranberry granola crazy?  We start with the best dried cranberries and have them infused with pomegranate juice to amp up their flavor.  Then we add crunchy pecans for a sweet-tart-chewy-crunchy mixture that’s more than just delicious.  It’s CRAZY GOOD!

Did you know dried cranberries are high in vitamin C and pecans are densely packed with nutrients?  They’re both high in anti-oxidants too!



Daring Date & Raisin GranolaChew, Crunch, Sweet Delish!  Don’t dare skip breakfast when Daring Date and Raisin is available.  Chewy raisins, sweet dates, and crunchy pecans combine to make Ben’s favorite flavor.

Daring Date & Raisin is filled with enough energy to get you through any adventure.  Loaded with vitamins, minerals & fiber, DD&R contains healthy, sweet dates & raisins and crunchy pecans!


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