Triple Crown BBQ Sauce

Created from scratch and refined to perfection over 15 years, Richard Schaaf entered his BBQ sauce at the Minnesota State Fair, where it would go on to win three blue ribbons (1994, 1997, 2001). Following these awards, word began to spread as increasing numbers of friends and co-workers enjoyed home made batches of Richard’s tasty brew. Triple Crown BBQ Sauce made it to retail shelves and commercial kitchens beginning in 2009.

Andy At Work.

As of October 2012, Andy Wright became the steward of the Triple Crown BBQ sauce legacy. His first steps included ingredient upgrading, moving production from Wisconsin to Minnesota and dressing up the bottles in new labels.


As of March 24th, 2014 Triple Crown BBQ Sauce is USDA Certified Organic!

Triple Crown BBQ Sauce - Certified Organic!


While following tradition doesn’t always serve us as a society or as individuals very well, sometimes it does. In the case of agriculture, it generally does. Traditional methodologies honed over thousands of years contain some seriously hard won wisdom. Creating food is in an entirely different category than everything else that we humans do. We depend on it for our lives.

So, when I was in my twenties I discovered that mainstream agriculture as practiced in our country was doing a vast amount of environmental damage to land, water, people, habitat, etc. I asked myself if this damage and associated risk was necessary and proper. My answer was and is a resounding NO. That, simply put, is why Triple Crown BBQ Sauce is now USDA Certified Organic!

It tastes better too.



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