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Our mission is to bring healthy and delicious foods to a convenient neighborhood corner store.

SONY DSCOur Personal Journey to Eating and Sharing Healthier Foods Started with Severe Food Allergies

Our family loves to eat a variety of foods. Often, convenience plays a big part in our decisions–we are like many busy families that:

  • Eat on the run
  • Become addicted to chemicals and additives in packaged foods
  • Remain unaware of side effects cause by eating preservatives, salty seasoning and added sugars and fats
  • Take prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical “remedies” to fix the side effects of food allergies, food intolerances, stomach, intestinal and skin disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, addictions and diabetes

But, with severe food restrictions, suddenly we had no choice–we had to start eating differently. We began our journey to eliminate certain foods and find healthier substitutions.

Of course, at first we got frustrated and felt sorry for ourselves. But a turning point came when we realized that we liked the taste of the new foods. We learned to use herbs instead of table salt.

We started feeling better. We were cooking together, inventing recipes and having fun.

Don’t panic. We are not purists or food bullies–you will find soda, candy and comfort foods. You will also find crazy good local  sweets and drinks.

SONY DSCOur Vision

We are a family who believes that people will eat more healthy food if it is brought to them in a convenient, friendly setting. So, we transformed a typical convenience store into a delightful, earlyy 1900’s corner store where shoppers can find a good variety of delicious foods such as healthy deli sandwiches (gluten-free bread is an option), savory soups,  house-made salads, many organic choices and products from 24  local vendors  including the best coffee in town.

We invite you to journey with us, share your own food stories with us!

The Thomson’s

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Live to Eat!  Eat to Live!

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